Wild Geese

Woondum National Park

I didn't quite stick to the plan of keeping the new CRF250L Rally (Piglet) stock standard for a while. Before even getting to its first service the standard IRC 'dirt' tyres have been put to one side and replaced with Dunlop D606 knobbies. Not being keen on patching tubes trailside I also installed the Tubliss system front and rear - a small bore high pressure tube sits in the rim well and seals the tyre to the rim, allowing it to hold air without an inner tube.

Looking for an easy ride to check out the new system I headed to Cooran and into Woondum National Park where a nice tame 4WD track leads through the forestry to a day use area next to some rock pools.

Suitably non-threatening trail Time for a break Woondum day use area Rock pools

Leaving Woondum NP I followed my nose back to Cooran and happened on a nice campground which looks good for a weekend away some time.

Cobb and Co campground Two wheels on my wagon

Piglet was not challenged by the ride but it was a nice shakedown ride and the new tyre system performed flawlessly. It will take me a while though to learn to trust that the air will stay in the tyres where it belongs.