ild Geese

Thursday 4th February

About twelve riders left Yandina for a ride southwards. I had a theory that maybe it could be good to bypass all the slower roads and just go down the highway to Landsborough and then we would have Mt Mellum Road and Bald Knob Roads to Peachester without bothering with either Dulong Road or Ilkley Road etc etc where the riding is slower with speed limits/traffic etc. (The highway idea isn’t without merit if there were no roadworks and you could do 110km/hr all the way. I was a bit nervous through the roadworks that our friendly state government might have a camera on us so that sort of makes the highway theory as slow as any other way to get out of town southwards…)

Anyway, my highway idea wasn’t well received but Ian and I did it anyway and some others went through Nambour and along the range and others went through Forest Glen/Eudlo… Anyway, we all got to Peachester except that Fiona had bike troubles and a couple of blokes peeled off to help her back home. And Mike had to go and check out his transponder battery but anyway eight blokes finished up riding through Somerset to Esk and back to Toogoolawah and Gregor’s Creek Road and had a good ride on the day.

At lunch there was me, Ozzie, Jim, Trevor (Ducati Multistrada), Angus, Neil, Mick and Ian.