Wild Geese

Thursday 3rd September

We had a fair roll up at Yandina and set out for Widgee for a first stop.

From there we went through Kilkivan to Kinbombi Road and Manumbar Road and then back up to Goomeri for lunch.

At lunch there was me, Neil, Lee, Angus, Steve, Mike, Ozzie, Garry W, Rod, Mark, Jim and Phil.

After lunch Rod lead us back through Booinbah Road and the Tansey Road back to Kilkivan and then through some back roads to Gympie and Cedar Pocket Road to Kin Kin.

All good fun…
PS: I’m waiting on some parts for my bikes and apparently they can take up to 3 months to get here out of Japan since they are coming by sea and not air freight. It must be some Japanese government anti-virus regulation regarding the way freight is handled and dispatched…
Anyway, I don’t know if anyone else is having trouble with parts from other countries for similar reasons but that is my sad tale…