ild Geese

Thursday 2nd September

Eight Wild Geese left Peachester to ride out to Cooyar to check out Garry McCoy’s café. There was me, Ozzie, Mick, Lee, Jim, Neill, Steve and Mike. (I think Angus, Rod and Garry C had a shorter ride out from Yandina staying in the hinterland for the morning.)

Anyway, we took some bitumen back roads where they were available and got out to Cooyar at 11:30. Some of us checked out the café and then ventured down to the pub for a different venue while a few guys ate at the café.

After lunch while some blokes went more directly home down through Kilcoy, me, Mick, Lee and Steve took the long way home through Maidenwell, Nanango, Elgin Vale and then the gravel road again from Manumbar to Widgee and then on home.
A big Thursday. We did it all…