ild Geese

Thursday 26th Jan. Bush Bash

Last week three of us (myself- BMW 1200GS LC, Jon Dempsey- BMW R1200GS and Pete Webb- HONDA CRF300) made an early start from Imbil and coasted out through Bella Creek for a quick splash and then proceeded to really enjoy the morning run out through all the lovely farmland made better by the perfect weather. Bella Creek crossing on a CRF300 Honda.

Caution was needed in the more wooded areas as I notice an increase in the deer population there. A bit of fun swapping the lead and enjoying each other's dust before we encountered Mt. Buggery. It has eroded somewhat of late, so a careful choice of line is required here at the moment, but we all crested the "summit" unscathed. We were lucky as there was no oncoming traffic for almost all of the ride until we got to the Kilcoy-Murgon Rd. where we did come across the usual convoy of intrepid 4WD adventurers out for their idea of adventure.

Jon on his R1200 GS splashing away.

A lengthy stop at Jimna for smoko and a chat about the impending doom of the fire tower and we set off again south this time towards Kilcoy for a short spell and turned into Bellthorpe Road heading down the Conondale Range.

Cresting the hill.

This is a very pleasant, cruisy road through the bush with a few Whoa Boys to slow the progress. The main obstacle is the bridge which is closed and very substantially barricaded. There is a slot on the side that we were able to slide through though. By this time my rear shock had blown its seals, so I was pogo bouncing again and had to ease up a bit.

Speedway in the bush!

We wound our way around the bush along some nice country and eventually wound up at the base of a god almighty hill deeply rutted and preceded by a sign that stated that it was unsuitable for ANY vehicles! The GPS indicated that we were only 6.4 klms from Bellthorpe, but I was stuck 20 metres up this damned cliff face, so after a lot of puffing and heaving, we headed back out to the D'Aguilar Highway and home on the black top. Expensive for me, but fun.

Jimna Smoko stop.Heaving the big blue Beemer through the slot.

Colin Sheehan

a.k.a. Phot Goose. I am still trying to decide if I am a motorcyclist or a photographer. Maybe both. I have been riding for about 50 years on about 37 bikes at last count. A lot of dirt (which some may have noticed I favour!) and a great deal of tar roads have passed beneath my wheels in that time. I am currently favouring the BMW range after owning 7 of them throughout my life. This club allows us to gather with like minded people on a range of bikes to enjoy the bikes, roads and good company without egos getting in the way.