ild Geese

Thursday 22nd April

We met at Widgee to go for a ride to Paradise Dam.

Nine riders went but apparently there were a couple more who turned up at the servo and missed us because we were at the park just north of town. That was my balls up since we haven’t stopped at the servo for a few years and always stopped at the park I didn’t think to be specific in mentioning the meeting place…

The other problem was that some of the blokes had the heebie-jeebies due to lack of caffeine and so we stopped at Woolooga so they could get a fix. When the day comes that we ride to Paradise Dam again we should meet at the servo so nerves can be numbed before leaving on the days ride. (I know some blokes say the coffee at the servo isn’t primo quality but caffeine is caffeine and any port in a storm…)

Anyway, we had a good ride and were at the dam at 11.30 and after a short break went back to Biggenden for lunch.

We went home from there the way we came up, on the Biggenden-Woolooga Road and we were back at Widgee a bit after 2.00pm and back on the coast by 3.30…