ild Geese

Thursday 21st January

It was a dreary looking day with a few showers around on the coast so there was only a smaller turnout for a ride at our new meeting place at Yandina.

Anyway, me, Mike, Angus, Rod, Mick, Mark and Ian were there and ready for a ride and the weather looked good down south-west, although the roads on the coast were damp from recent showers so I suggested we go down the highway to Roy’s Road so as to get to the dry roads as quickly as possible and not bother riding the nearby wet roads and the suggestion was well received. So we went down the highway to Peachester for a first stop and then by the time we got onto Mary Smokes Creek Road we had dry roads for the rest of the day for some good riding and went on into Kilcoy for second stop.

To assist the blokes who had commitments back on the coast mid-afternoon we just went to Toogoolawah via Gregor’s Creek Road to the Exchange pub on the corner for lunch and arrived there about 11:45. Had a good feed and a cold beer and after Mike, Angus and Ian went on their way directly home, me, Mick, Rod and Mark rode Mt. Beppo Road and then around the twisties at Somerset Dam back to Kilcoy and then on home to the coast.

I don’t care what anyone says, those twisties at Somerset Dam are great fun. They just go on and on and yeah, I know, they’re bumpy and rough but for me that’s why they’re exciting and interesting.
I enjoyed them and I’d go back every week and give them another lap every time…