ild Geese

Thursday 17th June

Bloody Max! We rode from Dulong to Palmwoods behind a slow truck… Then we rode up the Palmwoods-Montville Road and had an extended wait at the roadworks… Basically it took an hour and a half to get to Peachester…

I’m over this! I’ve said for a while that when we go south we need a quick way of getting out of town. I’ve previously suggested taking the highway all the way down to Roys Road but that has roadworks too and is also very uninteresting. So now I say take the highway just down to Forest Glen then Ilkley Road and on through to Mooloolah at which point we go Brandenburg Road (just a few k’s of gravel here I know) and we come out right on Bald Knob Road for a ride down to Peachester.

Sounds good to me and should be a quick way out of town. (If there has been rain and we wanted to avoid Brandenburg Road we can always go Tunnel Ridge Road and Mount Mellum Roads to get to Bald Knob…)

Anyway when we got to Peachester, Helen and John and Garry W dropped off to go and attend to other matters leaving nine of us to head to Kilcoy. Earlier in the day a couple of the blokes had suggested going to Linville for lunch so we had a couple of short breaks at Peachester and Kilcoy to make up for lost time and then rode on to Linville.

At lunch there was me, Mike, Rod, Ian, Angus, Lee, Neill, Garry C and Steve. After lunch we made our different ways back to the coast.