ild Geese

Thursday 12th August

I think there was about 14 or 15 of us at the café at Yandina and a few weren’t able to ride but anyway 12 of us did ride south with a first stop at Peachester where Jim organised a photo opportunity and we made a group pic.
Jim, Dave, Lee, Fiona, Ozzie, Max, Neill, Angus, Garry W, Rod, Mick, Garry C.

We then went on to Kilcoy for another stop and the group split there with six going on to Esk and six heading back to the coast for lunch at Ricks.

I know people think I’m not playing with the full deck because I really like the twisties around the edge of Somerset Dam but I think they are exciting. The Queensland government has given us all the thrills of off-road riding, the corners, the bumps and twists and sideways movements of the bike, but all minus the usual inconvenience of mud and dust that normally accompanies off-road riding. I think its great fun. I’m serious!

Lunch at the pub at Esk was followed with a good ride home.

Geese at Peachester