ild Geese

Thursday 10/12/20

Our Christmas ride/party was northwards and then over to the Kin Kin pub for lunch.

Several ladies braved the ride and stayed on for lunch. There must have been about twenty of us all up and I won’t attempt to remember all the names.

I wanted to approach Kin Kin from Gunalda so we could all ride the good roads that connect those two towns before lunch but given that it was to be more of a social day than a ride day I was a bit ambitious with the distance to travel to get it all done in a timely fashion. However I think the first riders hit Kin Kin about ten past twelve so it didn’t work out too bad although we had to shorten the breaks at Widgee and Gunalda as it was apparent time was getting away…

I’m sure there will be pics and full reports on the day’s activities from other Wild Geese on other social media outlets so I’ll leave it all to them.

Another good year and another good Thursday…