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Ride To Cooyar - Garry McCoy’s café 2/9/21

I guess most Wild Geese members know of Garry McCoy, and that he owns a motorcycle themed cafe out at Cooyar...

Sunday the 19th of March 2000, the day that Gary McCoy became the first Grand Prix winner of the 21st century…

I was thinking we could make a Thursday ride out there on the 2nd of September.

We can always pull out if the weather isn’t good but I thought if we pencil it in for now we will all hear about it before that day.

As we Queenslanders know, September is the best month of the year for great weather so we should be good.

As for the way to get out there, we could meet at Peachester at 9am in order to leave there 9.30. Then we go straight up the highway non-stop through Kilcoy and on through Gregor’s Ck Road, Turtle Creek Road and Emu Creek Road to the highway. There’s a servo there where Emu Creek Road comes out on the D’Aigular Hwy so we can stop there for a break and fuel.

Then up the highway to Yarraman. After Yarraman I know a good bitumen back road down to Cooyar going through Kooralgin.

After lunch we’ve got choices in the roads home. If you want all bitumen you can ride back the way we came or even ride on to Crow’s Nest and down past Perseverance Dam to Esk.

But if you don’t mind a bit of gravel, there’s a road over to Mt Binga from Cooyar which is bitumen plus some part gravel and when I rode the gravel section last it was real good and well graded.

Once at Mt Binga you can turn left on the bitumen over to Blackbutt and then on to the D’Aigular Hwy home. You can also turn right at Mt Binga and take the bitumen back road towards Crow’s Nest and then turn down some other bitumen/gravel roads to Toogoolawah which would be a good ride.

All we’ve got to do beforehand is make sure he’s open that day…


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