ild Geese

Red (Rob) Goose

It's been a very long time since I contributed a post to the WGMC Site and have mostly used FB.

If anyone has looked back at the archives of the club, they will have seen that with Spruce Goose (Cam Young) our foundations can be traced back to Ireland.  I will leave you to research that one.

A quick bio of me: Born at a very young age.  Lived on the land in Tas where I first started riding bikes in 1967.  Left the land went to the sea.  Left the sea went to NSW to ride more bikes (amongst other things) with the NSW Police.  Left the Police into another Public Service role for a few years before see the light and coming to the SSC as an Inspector with the RSPCA.  

Rode around the place for a bit the started the club in 2000 but more formally in 2002 so this year (2022) is officially our Big 20th.

Many great rides have there been, many great laughs and many great friends have there been. Some have moved on in life to other parts, some have left motorcycling for other past-times.

Sadly, this year says our first Final Good-Bye to one of our Club Elders, Graham "OzzieGoose" Osborne who passed way on Friday 1July2022. A sad time for sure but his memory is held Dear to us all.

A more detailed post on Ozzie, later.