BMW seal of approval

I am pretty impressed with what the BMW engineers can accomplish with a simple rectal probe built into the GS seat... Will this stand up »

Steve Pike Steve Pike

Thursday 8th April

Garry W lead the group through some good roads up to Kin Kin for a first stop. I counted 13 riders there so it was was »

Max Phillips

Thursday 1st April

The weather was overcast again but anyway about seven riders left for a bit of an adventure ride out and around the coast riding through Kilcoy, »

Max Phillips

Thursday 25th March

I think about a dozen of us set out for a ride from Yandina heading north for a first stop at Widgee. A few riders had »

Max Phillips

Thursday 18th March

The weather was bleak as usual and so there was a small turnout at Yandina but anyway me, Garry W, Dave, Fiona and Trevor set out »

Max Phillips

Thursday 11th March

There was rain around some parts of the coast and so many riders stayed home but a few of us turned up since it hadn't been »

Max Phillips

Thursday 4th March

Rained off. Couldn’t manage a ride…  Going home I couldn’t get that Aussie ballad out of my head where old Billy the blacksmith has gone home »

Max Phillips

Monday’s Ride to GOMA

Monday's ride saw five of us (Ozzie, myself, Mike, Neill and Steve) brave the heat and traffic to head straight to Brisbane, with quite a bit »

Angus Piercey Angus Piercey on Rides

Thursday 18th February

I think eleven of us left Yandina for Peachester and we took a break there while we checked out the weather radar. Afterwards nine of us »

Max Phillips

Monday Museum ride

Ozzie is going to the Museum on Southbank in Brisb known as GOMA to view the motorbike display, this is open until April. He will be »

Rod MacRae Rod MacRae