ild Geese

Jap bike fail…

Thursday the 3rd of December and we were heading north to Imbil after which we were going to head south to ride the Obi Obi Road up to Mapleton and from there onwards to better pastures for lunch etc etc…

Then we had a major failure with a complete Suzuki shut down… I switched it off while we were waiting for some guys to catch up after they were caught up behind a van and other traffic and my bike’s electrics were completely dead when I turned the ignition on to get going again. It had been running perfectly up to that time on the day. (I always suspected that Jap bikes were inherently untrustworthy…)

Neill and Mike and I wrestled the offending item into the back of Neill’s van and after a brief examination of the bike’s electrics at my place we left it with my mechanic mate in Wises Road.

I’ll keep you updated on how it all works out but anyway I’ve still got a bike in the shed so whatever happens I expect to be riding next Thursday.

The group proceeded on without me, Neill and Mike and did go up the Obi Obi Road and then on down to Rick’s at Palmwoods for lunch and I’m sure a good day was had by all… (hopefully…)