ild Geese

General Turning and Milling

I don’t know if any of you blokes ever want one off custom-made parts or need general bits and pieces made for your bikes but I’ve found a bloke in Kunda Park, a guy probably in his sixties I’d guess, who has a workshop full of lathes and milling machines and drills etc etc and who will make anything you want.

I’ve had a couple of things made by him recently as I fixed up my Honda after it had a little mishap a few months back.

The guy is a fitter and machinist and has a wealth of knowledge about engineering and has the equipment to make things to any spec and being an older bloke has the appropriate necessary experience as well.

His name is George Moy and his business is called ‘Racecraft Automotive Engineering’ and he has a shed at 5/27 Enterprise St, Kunda Park. 5445 2447. Being an older bloke I don’t think he wants any high pressure rush jobs so treat him nice and he’ll do good things for you…

If you think you are going to use his services then give me a call first so I can give you some further insights… Max