Wild Geese

Comms for the masses

My Sena 10C bluetooth intercom has served me very well for a number of years but I have decided to upgrade it to something a bit more flexible. In the past Sena was the clear winner in this market but the past few years have seen the systems from Cardo consistently voted 'the best'. I have my eye on their 'packtalk' system which not only offers bluetooth for on-bike systems but also DMC - Dynamic Mesh Communication - for enhanced rider to rider communications for groups of up to fifteen riders. They also offer cheaper 'smartpack' devices which will allow groups of up to four riders.

There's a video outlining the idea here. Or if you would prefer the dramatic version there's this.

Sena offers something similar with their 30K device and although the systems are supposed to be able to interoperate (to a limited degree), the best results are going to be if everyone in the group uses the same system. In my research Cardo continues to be the winner when compared with Sena but there will not be much point in being the only rider in the pack with good rider-to-rider comms.

So I am putting a question out there: any interest from my fellow (actively riding) Geese in investing in the next generation of communications systems? Comments would be very welcome below or you can email me with your thoughts. If it turns out that nobody is interested in mesh-based comms I may as well get a cheaper bluetooth-only solution.

~ Steve