ild Geese

Blue And White Teapot Stop

Three of us (Helen, James & Colin) saw the road last Sunday for a lovely fresh ride through the Mary Valley in the crisp cool air of winter. After a fun run around the back of Moy Pocket, Brooloo, Imbil and Kandanga, we stopped at a brand new cafe which has been recently opened by one of our Facebook members, Lisa Talalla. What a find. This is a really beautiful spot with a great garden area and good service. Well worth a stop and, in fact, going out of your way to see. From there, Helen returned home and the ride continued out through Gympie and Cedar Pocket to Kin Kin for lunch. Those that did not come missed out!

Colin Sheehan

a.k.a. Phot Goose. I am still trying to decide if I am a motorcyclist or a photographer. Maybe both. I have been riding for about 50 years on about 37 bikes at last count. A lot of dirt (which some may have noticed I favour!) and a great deal of tar roads have passed beneath my wheels in that time. I am currently favouring the BMW range after owning 7 of them throughout my life. This club allows us to gather with like minded people on a range of bikes to enjoy the bikes, roads and good company without egos getting in the way.