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Bikes at The Qld Art Gallery Of Modern Art

I guess we all know that there is a motorcycle exhibition on at the Qld Art Gallery Of Modern Art.

I went down there for a ride on Sunday to have a bo-peep and if you like motorcycles then I reckon you have to go there and have a look.

I guess it’s not only a picture of motorcycle development but also a picture of recent history and human endeavour. (And it’s also delightfully cool in the air-conditioned showrooms…)

They got a bike there from a hundred years ago that was an inline four that made 7 horsepower. They got a BMW from 1924 that’s a shaft driven flat twin. But they got old stuff, modern stuff and all sorts and I went down there to go through it in fifteen minutes and then head home but spent more than an hour getting a good idea of how we always loved them from the first moment we discovered how much fun it is to twist the throttle and feel the bike surge forward.

I rode my bike down there, and yes, it’s very frustrating riding a 1250cc bike around Brisbane City and on the Bruce Highway where we are all very, very comprehensively supervised when the throttle is screaming at you to tear it open…