Sorry for the outage

You may have noticed that the web site was unavailable for the best part of a week. This was due to a power spike taking out »

Steve Pike Steve Pike

BMW seal of approval

I am pretty impressed with what the BMW engineers can accomplish with a simple rectal probe built into the GS seat... Will this stand up »

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Save a little

Given the dubious petrol price cycles we are forced to endure, and price gouging at the pump which currently bears no relation to crude oil prices, it's »

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Jandowae revisited

Thanks to Max, eight of us had a quick two day ride to Jandowae. Some great roads in good company, and even a two degree start on »

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Lunch at Hell Town Hotrods

Another good turnout at the cafe, and Ozzie put his hand up to lead us on a well worn but always enjoyable meander out through the »

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Harry's Hut and a detour

Colin's recent group ride to Harry's Hut in the company of Kevin and Pete inspired me to get back out there myself, although at my own »