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A couple of firsts

Ride report Thurs 2Feb.

Well I finally managed to drag myself out of bed at 5.00am to be at Yandina for the 6.00am start, which created a couple of "firsts" for me...I saw the sun rise over Lake MacDonald and I saw the M1 between Cooroy and Yandina with hardly any cars on it. Which momentarily gave rise to thoughts of checking out the MT 09's top speed but being a SENSIBLE RESPONSIBLE MATURE-AGED RIDER I chose to ride at the legal limit. ( The possibility of losing my licence and $1,000 had no bearing whatsoever on my decision!!)

Rod was waiting at Yandina to be joined shortly afterwards by Dave, Leigh,and Garry so shortly after 6.00am five of us headed South to Nambour, up towards Mapleton, turned left at Dulong lookout then proceeded along many a twisty road to Palmwoods Eudlo Landsborough Peachester Commissioner Flat and up Stanley River Rd to Maleny where we paused to enjoy the view from Mary Cairncross (I think ) Lookout. I pondered what the temperature would be up there around 7.00am in June/July and I've promised myself a set of heated grips before then! With the need for caffeine becoming urgent we headed back to Invigor8 where we met up with Steve and a few other riders preparing for a 9.00am start.All in all a lovely ride and well worth getting up early for.

But to my main reason for penning this report...In Oct last year while having new tyres fitted at Tyres for Bikes Noosa I asked Paul if he knew of a group of SENSIBLE RESPONSIBLE MIDDLE-AGED RIDERS (like me) who I could meet up with to learn all the great roads around the Sunshine Coast. He replied "No but there's a great bunch of blokes who call themselves the Wild Geese and have a lot of fun every Thursday. So the next Thursday I showed up at Yandina and met Steve, Dave, Leigh and Ian who instantly made me feel very welcome as has every one from the Club.This echoes the friendly response my wife AMANDA and I have had from everyone we've met since moving here last year.

So just a small" Thank you "for your fellowship and I look forward to many more enjoyable rides.


Garry Walker

Garry Walker

I live at Lake MacDonald with my wife Amanda, 2 horses, 1dog, 3 cats and a much loved Yamaha MT09. Moved here in 2016 after 30 years in Cairns to retire and enjoy the beaches ,forests and lots of twisty roads. I've ridden bikes all my life and hopefully will continue to do so for many more years.