Wild Geese

Thursday 7th March

A smaller than usual group(compared to the last few weeks) left from Invigor8 for a run out to Esk. Rod and Steve R1200GS LC, Neil on his 1200 GSA, Jag on ol' Faithfull 1200R, Fiona 1200R LC, Ozzie on the Yammy,  Mike GTR 1400, Ian KTM 1290, Dennis on the Guzzi and Bernie on his new 1200GSA LC.

A run through our well known and well worn path of Gold Crk rd, Eum-Kenilworth rd and Moy Pocket took us over the 'Bluff' then Kenilworth across the Valley and up 'Postmans Track' and down Stanley River rd then to Woodford and Nuerum rd to Kilcoy for our first stop. A reasonable run with not too much traffic holding us up.

Some had more pressing engagements and left us after Kilcoy while the rest of us (now 6) travelled at a fair pace along Gregors Creek rd to Esk with the intention of lunching at "Julies at the Rectory' aahh all good plans of mice and men DOH ! Closed until 13th March.....

So let us head across Wivenhoe Dam to the Café at Cormorant Bay, yep good idea, and yep it was closed as well......all right into Fernvale we head and stopped at a fairly new café  'The Girls Coffee Bar' and we were welcomed and fed and watered accordingly, a good feed and a good recommendation from us.

After lunch we took the Wivenhoe-Somerset rd back to Kilcoy where a stop was made for fuel and then we started to separate for our places of abode. N.B. the main highway out of Kilcoy is undergoing road works in the centre, traffic was moving either side but at a reduced rate.

So a very good day out for those that made it all the way.

Next week there is a plan put forward by Jag to travel to Gympie to view a museum of pushbikes and Indian motorbikes.