Wild Geese

Thursday 6th June

Eight blokes met at Yandina for a ride, me, Mark, Neill, Ian, Mick, Garry W, Lee and Mike.

We tried out the Obi Obi Road as I had posted about previously and it's certainly a great road to ride but it does take a half hour to get to the top of it going through Nambour and Mapleton. But then it does take us off Gold Creek Road which everyone agrees we shouldn’t ride every week at the same time…  There is the short run of gravel road too although Thursday that was being regraded so we detoured down the bitumen.

Mike lead the group around various roads in the Mary Valley and then over to Kin Kin via Cedar Creek Road before we went to have lunch at the Pomona pub which was a blow out since they didn’t serve lunch and the pub has a rundown look so I don’t think they will be getting any return business from us.