Wild Geese

Thursday 5th December and Thursday 12th December

Last week we went down through Peachester and then up all the good roads to Kandanga pub for lunch as Ozzie wanted to talk to the publican about the 19th… It was a good turnout and there were eleven riders still in it for the day when we got to Kandanga for a good feed in the air conditioning.

This week we went out through Kenilworth and then a bit of a round trip down towards Maleny and then back up to Kenilworth for lunch in the pub. Bernie, Mick, Ian and Jag peeled off early but at lunch there was me, Ozzie, Neill, Angus, Fiona, Steve, Lee, Neil and probably someone else that I can’t recall…
PS: I was walking along the back verandah the other evening when I spied a large cane toad bouncing along against the wall. ‘You big horrible bastard’ I muttered as I went past. Then I heard my missus call out from inside in a concerned voice ‘Don’t be too hard on yourself…’