Wild Geese

Thursday 4th July

A good roll up of thirteen riders (too many for me to remember and list) left Yandina looking for some dry roads as usual because as usual it was clouds and showers and no sun on the ‘Sunshine’ Coast.

We went north to Widgee for a break and then rode on further northwards and worked our way around and down to Gunalda for lunch after a short diversion to check out the repairs on the Dickabram Bridge at Miva.

A few of the gaggle gather to gawp at the bridge repairs  No Geese took up the offer of walking their bikes across

After lunch we rode the Sandy Creek Road (dry) and Cedar Pocket Road (wet in places) and stopped for a yap at Kin Kin before going our separate ways home.

Here’s a few minutes of us riding Sandy Creek Road with the camera on my XJR1300 with Lee and Fiona and Steve tracking along directly behind me…    (Anyone who thinks girls can’t ride hasn’t seen Fiona giving that 1200cc BMW a bloody good belting along on a back road. Way to go Fiona!)