Wild Geese

Thursday 4th April

With showers around on the coast it looked drier further west so eleven riders went north taking the most direct route to Widgee where we had a break and then set out for Kilkivan and Kinbombi Road for a good squirt on some back roads. (Max, Mark, Ozzie, Rod, Garry, Fiona, Neil, Lee, Mike, Bernie, Colin)

We stayed dry and the roads were dry too so we had a good run to the old sawmill at Elgin Vale. After a break there we went up Elgin Vale Road to the Goomeri pub for lunch.

After lunch Rod lead the group on a spirited ride along the Tansey-Kilkivan Road where I lost a serious amount of metal off my foot peg feelers chasing him through the twisties…  good one.

Back on the coast there was a shower around but not enough to get you properly wet so we had a good day out given the way the day looked early in the morning…