Wild Geese

Thursday 28/2/19

I think about a dozen blokes set off from Yandina on Thursday but Rod and Garry and Lee had things to do and so left the group at Widgee.

We continued on through Woolooga and Bauple and on to Tiaro. Dave headed south just before Tiaro and that left me, Mike, Steve, Jag, Dennis, Ozzie and Neil and Peggy for lunch in the air conditioned lounge at the Tiaro pub…

We came home through Gundiah and Gunalda and Cedar Pocket Road and on to Kin Kin and had a real good run, mindful of all the road rules of course!

I must tell you blokes about being careful about which websites you visit. I recently had a motorbike seat guy reshape my XJR1300 seat but before I found him I did have a rather unfortunate experience.

I visited this other bike seat website to see about my seat but the guy there told me he couldn’t make a start until he had all the necessary information and that he needed to see a nude picture of my arse first, which seemed fairly reasonable to me at the time.

Anyway, I was bent over holding the camera up between my legs when I accidentally overbalanced, pitching forward and hitting my head on the cupboard door. Fortunately for me, I fell on my head on the concrete a number of times when I was a youngster and I’m fairly numb and insensitive above the shoulders so no real damage was done.

I was using my mother’s Box Brownie at the time to take the pictures but when I went to the chemist to pick up my finished photos as I was walking in the door I noticed the young woman behind the counter hurry off out the back and next thing the chemist guy himself came out and he told me to [email protected]*k off and said we don’t want your kind of business round here you sick bastard and that if I ever came back he was calling the cops...

I’ve since learned that the website was set up by a Catholic Archbishop in Melbourne and he doesn’t know anything about motorbike seats at all...

So it just goes to show how careful you have to be since trouble can certainly escalate if one isn’t vigilant.

On a more cheerful note, I’m heading south for some more motorcycle mayhem with my two sons. One has an MT09 and I’ve put two of my bikes on the ute so we’ll all be rigged up for riding pleasure. (I have phoned ahead and had them prepare my old hospital room and get ready for my imminent arrival…)