Wild Geese

Thursday 27th June

Five riders left Yandina on a day with some showers around (and even rain periods) here on the Sunshine Coast, although as usual, there was clear weather inland off the coast a bit.

So me, Neil, Steve, Fiona and Mike headed north west to see if we could get in a ride out of the wet. There were some light showers on the way out to Widgee but after that no rain at all. However there was still some dampness on the roads in patches through Kilkivan and out to the old sawmill at Elgin Vale. But after that we got in some dry roads up to Goomeri and after lunch the dry roads continued through Tansey and into Kilkivan.

Neil had to pull out of the ride on the way out there at Kilkivan with a shoulder playing up on him. But the other four of us had lunch at the pub at Goomeri. The tough hardy buggers ate meat but at least one big useless panty-waisted wuss was seen to eat a vegee burger… (I think he’s got a gear loose in the old brainbox after a number of falls off his bike).