Wild Geese

Thursday 26th September

From memory we had me, Lee, Fiona, Neill, Dave, Garry w, Rob, Ozzie, Steve, Col and Helen turn up at Yandina.

We made a first stop at Widgee where some riders (Col, Helen, Dave, Garry w and Rob) peeled off to attend to other business while me, Lee, Fiona, Ozzie, Neill and Steve went for a ride out past Woolooga and turned up the back road to Brooweena and then through some more back roads down to Tiaro for lunch.

Hugs all round at the Memorial Bridge north of WooloogaHugs all round

While some parts of the ride were not real ‘motorbike’ roads, other parts were great fun and we had a real good ride…

After lunch we rode down past Gundiah and along Old Gympie Road to Gunalda and then through Sandy Creek Road and Cedar Pocket Road to Kin Kin.

While we were there, I had a can of rum and coke to make the world look better while the others studied Lee’s leaky radiator that had copped a hit from a stone…

From there we went our separate ways on home.