Wild Geese

Thursday 24th October

The gathering at Yandina included me, Steve, Bernie, Ozzie, Garry C, Angus, Mick, Dave, Jag, Rob + Rosie, and Mark.

We rode out to Kenilworth to get started on the day and after a break there we headed south through Eastern Mary River Road, Postman’s Track and Bellthorpe heading on to Kilkoy for another break.

We encountered Garry W and Mike at Kilkoy as they were returning from a spin down into northern New South Wales.

We had been thinking of a squirt up to Jimna before lunch but time was against that idea since we didn’t arrive at Kilkoy until 11:30, so we headed out on Gregors Creek Road instead to have lunch at Toogoolawah.

After lunch we rode down Mt Beppo Road and through the twisties at Somerset heading home. Some blokes unfortunately got caught in traffic through there and that dampened their riding spirits.

PS: While riding along Gold Creek Road some blokes noticed a local resident gesticulating in a violent up and down motion of the arms. They thought he might be indicating that he wanted us to slow down. I’m happy to report that’s not the case. He’s actually a bit of a backyard scientist and he often goes down to the edge of the road to conduct his experiments into heavier-than-air flight. (Don’t forget they laughed at the Wright Brothers too!)