Wild Geese

Thursday 24 January 2019

Two groups left Yandina for two different rides. Last Thursday Lee, Ozzie and I had discussed a ride to Paradise Dam for this week but didn’t organize an early start like previous times.

Anyway, the Paradise Dam crew of Max, Ozzie, Lee and Bernie took off north and we were at Widgee at 10am before heading through Woolooga and then up the back road to Biggenden.

Then we did a loop to Paradise Dam by going to Degilbo and then through Emu Creek Road and N Dallamil Road one way and then coming back on Coringa Rd to Degilbo and Biggenden. Now at the risk of being accused of hyperbole, I reckon Emu Ck Road and N Dallamil Road might just about be the best little motorbike roads in Australia…  Great riding.

Anyway lunch at the Biggenden Commercial Hotel was good and well-priced and the cook did a vegetarian meal for me too.

We came back the way we went up, through the back road from Biggenden to Woolooga and on to Widgee. We got to Widgee at 2:30 but Ozzie had dropped back after the turn on to the Widgee Road so when he didn’t show up at the servo we went back to find he had a flat tyre.  That back road from Woolooga to Biggenden is about 80kms but it does include 5kms of gravel and this is what must have got Ozzie’s tyre on the way back.

Plug installed and tyre pumped up we pressed on home…