Wild Geese

Thursday 23rd May

Nine blokes left Yandina for a ride out to the Linville pub for lunch. There was me, Ozzie, Lee, Rod, Garry C, Ian, Neil (Honda), Neil (GS) and Mick.

There was a bit of moisture around on the local roads out to Kenilworth and Peachester but it was all dry going after that out to Kilkoy and along Gregor’s Creek Road, Turtle Creek Road and the road to Linville from Moore.

I like that pub out there. Good rural atmosphere and the food and the jokes were all good too.

I was talking to a couple of blokes the other day about the way we get out off the coast each Thursday and how we often ride Gold Creek Road even if we are heading south for the day since that seems easier than the more built up roads through Nambour/Dulong/Eudlo/Landsborough etc.

I personally would like to go straight up to Mapleton and down the Obi Obi Road when we are heading south for the day. The twisty section of road up to the Dulong Road turn off is always good fun and also the Obi Obi Road itself is good riding being 20km of rural back road with no traffic and then you’re at Kenilworth and we can head south from there.

I guess some blokes don’t want to ride gravel and I understand that, but the few k’s of gravel at the top of the Obi Obi Road can be ridden at an easy quiet pace without throwing gravel and stones at the bikes and it is only a few k’s and then you are out of town for the day.

Anyway, that’s my thought and we can see if anyone wants to go that way or it’s voted down. Just a thought…