Wild Geese

Thursday 21/2/2019

Twelve riders set out from Yandina with the aim of a shorter ride for the day taking in the Obi Obi Road and finishing at Rick’s at Palmwoods for lunch.

A few dropped off along the way to head home or whatever but the remainder went up through Cooran and Dagun, then Imbil and Kenilworth and on to Palmwoods. A good ride and no traffic fines that we know of…

Video upload. I recently updated my XJR1300. Anyway while I had the earlier one I thought it might be a good video if I mounted a camera on the left pillion footpeg and so here’s a short video I made like that. (It was a carburetor bike with 4 into 2 Delkevic mufflers)


 (The previous XJR was a good bike but the appearance was dated so that was what made me want to change to a later model black one, the last model Yamaha put out before they went café racer styling…)