Wild Geese

Thursday 20th June

I think there were eleven riders that left Yandina heading south west since that was where the rain was least in evidence on the radar maps.

Anyway some dropped off at Maleny and Mike and Dave dropped off at Kilkoy leaving me, Neil, Fiona, Lee and Rod to ride through Somerset and Mt. Beppo Road to have lunch at the pub at Toogoolawah.

Last week I mentioned in the post about maybe heading to Paradise Dam this coming Thursday but we never did really get around to discussing it so I’m just mentioning now that nothing has been planned for this coming Thursday the 27th and the group is meeting at Yandina for 9am ride as usual…

At this time for this coming Thursday it looks like the coast will have some showers around but not far inland as usual there is mainly only cloud cover and very little in the way of showers…