Wild Geese

Thursday 19th September

From memory the group that assembled at Yandina were me, Jag, Mick, Lee, Fiona, Neill, Dave, Garry W, Neil, Ozzie and Rob…

We rode out to the dam west of Imbil for a first stop and then went through our favourite back roads up to Dagun. From there we went north through Gympie and Cedar Creek Road to Kin Kin for lunch. After lunch we rode some more good roads with Lee leading us on down to the Noosa/Tewantin end of the coast.

On the way home Mick, Neill and me stopped in at Lee’s place for a beer, which was quite good. I think I can safely recommend it to other members of the group since the beer was cold and the surroundings very pleasant. I don’t like to bludge just anyone’s drinks but I’ve found conditions at Lee’s place quite salubrious. (Actually, I was thinking that if Lee had the foresight to have my favourite drink of Sailor Jerry Spiced Caribbean rum mixed with ginger beer on hand, I could probably make myself available to drop in other days of the week as well. That would certainly be a great treat for him.)

PS: Some of the blokes have commented on my penchant for going riding out in the back blocks of south east Queensland and that there could be certain physical dangers inherent in that activity. I think they’re concerned that I might get attacked by members of the rural community of low moral character with bad teeth. I just want to say that if I do get raped by a bunch of psycho hillbillies then that’s even all round I reckon. Any poor bastard who is attracted to my arse has been punished enough in this life already…

PPS: Some riders may have noticed that I fell behind the leading group of fast riders last Thursday as we rode south on Cedar Creek Road. Actually, I was having quite a spiritual moment just slotting the bike through the gears and the corners. As I was riding along, I felt a sort of existential communion between me and the universe without feeling any necessity to speed or mug lair. It was quite emotionally moving, and while I don’t expect anyone to understand, I would like to ask that if in future rides I sort of look glazed over and I’m holding you up, please just speed on by and yell out something like ‘Get out of the way shit-for-brains, you’re holding up production you fucking dickhead!’.