Wild Geese

Thursday 13th June

Fourteen riders left Yandina heading out to Kenilworth for a first stop and then on towards Conondale and Maleny via Eastern Mary River Road. Four blokes with other things to do had to drop out at Maleny while the remaining ten went through Reesville Road, Maleny Stanley River Road, Woodford Peachester Road and Neurum Road to Kilkoy for another break.

We then rode back to Woodford via Mt Kilkoy/Mary Smokes Creek Road with Fiona dropping off at Woodford leaving me, Mike, Ozzie, Dave, Garry C, Ian, Garry W, Rod and Neill for lunch at the café before heading home.

I was thinking about a ride to Paradise Dam again on Thursday week (27th June). We could discuss it this coming Thursday if we are up for it.

On one previous ride up there Rod led a group of riders out to meet up with the others at Widgee so that might be a good idea again.

Anyway I was thinking we could meet up at Widgee servo around 9am to leave there at 9:30. That would give us a good head start on the day…

The current 14 day forecast for Biggenden is good.

We would ride the back road from Woolooga to Biggenden (it does include 5 kms of gravel) and then back roads through Degilbo to the dam. We go up from Degilbo one way and back another. Going up is the roads I described in a previous post as the best little motorbike roads in Australia, namely through Emu Creek Road and N Dallamil Road, so those who weren’t there last time can see if I’m full of it, then coming back on Coringa Rd to Degilbo and Biggenden.