Wild Geese

Thursday 12th September

Nine riders met at Yandina but only six riders left Yandina for a ride. (Some other members were resting after a gruelling (?) ride west earlier in the week, while Jag was on his push bike and felt he couldn’t keep up and Mike and Dave headed off with better things to do than help us gratuitously burn a hole in the ozone layer with motorcycle exhaust fumes.)

Anyway, me, Steve, Neil, Garry W, Rod and Fiona went over to Kin Kin lead by Garry who gave us all a great ride.

A quorum of Geese

Then Neil lead us on another brisk ride up through the usual roads to Gunalda where we had lunch at the pub before heading off for the afternoon.

It was a real dinky-di Wild Geese ride with the pace fairly applied. Some riders may have even approached the speed limit in some areas. It’s good to know that as we have all aged, we have become sensible and restrained and that we consistently set a good example for the rest of the community. I feel warm and fuzzy all over as I reflect on it.