Thursday 22nd August

Many riders met at Yandina, too many for me to remember and name and we all rode out to Kenilworth for a first stop to get »

Max Phillips


Wait for me.....aaahhh !! ... taken a long time ago.... »

Rod MacRae Rod MacRae

Thurs 15th Aug and European Eco Laws

There were about fifteen riders at Yandina for coffee and most came along for a ride out around the hinterland. We went south via the usual »

Max Phillips

Thursday 8th August

Not a big turnout for another day that was not as fine and sunny as expected and also there was a bit of moisture around on »

Max Phillips

Thursday 1st August

Only eight riders turned out for a ride since the day was a bit overcast and dreary. But anyway me, Garry W, Rod, Ozzie, Mike, Fiona, »

Max Phillips

Thursday 25th July

Fourteen riders left Yandina heading for Kin Kin following Garry W. After a good break at Kin Kin me, Neil, Lee, Mike, Garry W, Neill, Fiona, »

Max Phillips

Thursday 18th July 

It was an earth-shaking, ball-breaking, eye-gouging, mad mother-busting son-of-a-bitch of a ride! I’m still excited! As a matter of fact I think we all got so »

Max Phillips

Paradise Dam this Thursday...?!

The suggestion has been made that we ride to Paradise Dam this coming Thursday the 18th... I'm for it and so we'll see who else is »

Max Phillips

Thursday 11th July

I can’t remember the whole list of 13 people who rode last Thursday but then again I have taken some serious knocks to the head in »

Thursday 4th July

A good roll up of thirteen riders (too many for me to remember and list) left Yandina looking for some dry roads as usual because as »

Max Phillips