Wild Geese


The Christmas executive committee met at the Linville pub and has finalised its Christmas party announcement. (The committee consisted of Ozzie, Lee, Neill, Fiona and me… (Who elected us? No one knows…)

So it’s at the Kandanga Hotel on Thursday the 19th December at 12 noon. Bring your wives or your boyfriends (!) or anyone else who wants to attend.

Why on a Thursday? It just makes things simple. We can go for a ride and then meet at Kandanga and those who want to have a short ride and then pick up their spouse can do that too and then meet back at Kandanga with the rest…

Why Kandanga pub? It’s recently rebuilt and it’s very pleasant and has good seating either out on the verandahs or inside in the aircon… (Actually Ozzie first mentioned a Christmas party at the Kandanga pub about a year ago and so he has had the idea in his pocket since then and now it has come to be!)

We’re confident the pub could cater for any number of people for a meal on any day of the year but anyway it has been suggested that it might be best to give them an idea of numbers just in case there’s a few coming along so perhaps we can gather some idea of numbers attending before the day…