Wild Geese

An incident on Thursday 25th Oct

Hello Wild Geese. I thought I’d better let you know about this since it has been alleged that an incident took place on Woodford-Peachester Road where an R1200R was seen to accelerate faster than my CB1300 could manage. I just want to point out that even if this incident was true (and I’m not saying that it was) then all mitigating factors should be considered in any fair assessment of the outcome. In the first instance my bike was missing one wheel at the time which did necessarily affect my riding style somewhat. Also on that day, I was suffering a touch of beriberi, which I unfortunately originally contracted while fighting leftist gorillas in the jungles of Borneo in 1926. (Bloody commies)

And anyway, I’m not sure that anything ever really happened or that it wasn’t all just some sort of mental shift in the time space mind continuum (I often wake up in the night having an out of body experience and find myself floating up near the ceiling above my body talking to myself). So when these and other relevant factors are considered I think I can categorically state that maybe I was a victim of circumstance and it was all the fault of people trying to steal our essential bodily juices and pervert the course of human decency and I should be thanked and congratulated rather than suffer humiliating sniggers and disparaging comments. So I hope this clarifies the whole affair and now permits us all to go forward in a spirit of forgiveness and healing as we try to contend with life’s other vicissitudes and certain cosmic anomalies that defy logical description at this particular time in human evolution. (I know I’ve booked an extra two sessions with my medical professional this week…)


And anyway, next Thursday I want to ride the Kilkoy-Jimna Road. And I’m bringing in my Supermoto. I know what you’re thinking, Bloody hell, his Supermoto! We’ll never keep up! But it’s all right, I’m putting a screw in the throttle so I can only get it half open. (I don’t want to get lonely charging around Queensland on my Robinson Crusoe…)