Thursday 17th October

Me, Fiona, Lee, Mike, Garry W, Neil, Ozzie, Angus and Pete left Yandina for a ride up north. First stop was Widgee after the usual roads »

Max Phillips

Thursday 10th October

Ten or was it eleven riders left Yandina heading south… Ozzie and I had come up with a ride to Esk for the day. We went »

Max Phillips

Thursday 3rd October

There were heaps of riders at Yandina and I can’t remember all the starters but I think I remember the guys who made it through to »

Max Phillips

Save a little

Given the dubious petrol price cycles we are forced to endure, and price gouging at the pump which currently bears no relation to crude oil prices, it's »

Steve Pike Steve Pike

Thursday 26th September

From memory we had me, Lee, Fiona, Neill, Dave, Garry w, Rob, Ozzie, Steve, Col and Helen turn up at Yandina. We made a first stop »

Max Phillips

Thursday 19th September

From memory the group that assembled at Yandina were me, Jag, Mick, Lee, Fiona, Neill, Dave, Garry W, Neil, Ozzie and Rob… We rode out to »

Max Phillips

Morality Committee Update

It’s come to the attention of a few Wild Geese members that there are some people in the group who swear and make inappropriate comments and »

Max Phillips

Thursday 12th September

Nine riders met at Yandina but only six riders left Yandina for a ride. (Some other members were resting after a gruelling (?) ride west earlier »

Max Phillips

Thursday 5th September

Eleven riders left Yandina heading down to Esk. Steve told us that Col was down there competing in a trials event and so we set off »

Max Phillips

Thursday 29th August

Nine riders turned out at Yandina for a ride, me, Lee, Garry W, Rod, Neill, Ozzie, Dave, Steve and Mike. Since the day was a bit »

Max Phillips